Forum Arrangements

May 23


A.M. May 24

Policies and regulations for global bio-based  materials and development, cooperation and investment opportunities under the  "B&R " strategy

Roundtable DiscussionLaws and regulations, supporting policies, development  planning, industrial incubation, investment and development

P.M. May 24

Technological Innovation  and Application of Bio - based Materials

Roundtable DiscussionTechnical innovation, application prospects, industry  standards, testing and certification

The night, May 24


A.M. May 25

Technologies and Market Prospects of Bio-based  Materials

Innovative applications, market acceptance,  supply chain

Roundtable Discussion

P.M. May 25

Projects Visiting (TBD)


1.     Macro-analysis of bio-based materials(Development status, supportive policies, investment situations)

²  ResearchStatus and Industrialization Trend of Global Bio-based Materials

Opportunities and Challenges for Bio-basedMaterials under the “B&R” strategy in China

²  Cross-regional CooperationOpportunities between Thailand, ASEAN and China on Bio-based industry /EmergingIndustries

²  Present Situations and Prospects of Agricultural Raw Materials inSoutheast Asia

²  Development of the Environmental Protection Industry Chain in Thailand

²  Ways/How toPromote the Development of Eco-friendly agriculture in Southeast Asia

²  Present Situations and Prospects of Bioplastics Products in Southeast Asia

²  Thedevelopment of China bio fermentation industry

²  Present Situations and Opportunities of Bio-based materials industry inChina

2.   Biorefinery, Bio-based Chemicals

²  The researchprogress of C1-C6 platform chemicals by microbial fermentation

²  Developmentand Application of Key Technologies and Equipment for Biological Fermentation

²  Developmentand Application of Key Technologies, Catalysts and Equipment for Biorefinery

²  LatestTechnology Breakthroughs for FDCA

²  Developmentand application of polyol

²  Research Progress on biomass refining technology of lignocellulosic fiber

²  The Supply and Policy Support of Raw Materials for Oleochemicals

²  MarketProspects for Palm Bioproducts

²  Developmentand Application of Bio-based Plasticizers (Vegetable Oil, Citric Acid andSorbitol)

²  ProductionTechnologies and Present Status of Bio-renewable Energy (Biodiesel, Bioethanol)

3.  Bio-based Materials

²  GlobalProduction Technology and Market Analysis of Lactic Acid and Polylactic Acid

²  Functional Modification of Polysaccharides such as Cellulose and Chitosan

²  Development and high value added applications of cellulose derivatives

²  Developmentand Application of Starch Based Materials

²  Developmentand Commercial Application of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) materials

²  Research andApplication of Bio-based Flame Retardants

²  Developmentand Application of Carbon Dioxide Copolymers

²  PreparationTechnologies for Bio-based fibers

²  KeyPreparation Technology for Bio-based Nylon

²  Research andApplication of Bio-based Polyester (PBS, PBAT, PBT, etc.)

²  Developmentand Application of Bio-based Eastomer

²  Development ofBio-based Thermosetting Resins (Epoxy, phenolic, unsaturated resins, etc.)

²  Development and application of wood plastic and other biomass Composites

²  ResearchProgress of Marine Biomaterials

²  Progress inthe research of foaming technology and equipment

²  Bio-based Carbon Content Testing and Certification

4. Application of Bio-based Materials

²  Bio-basedMaterials Applied in packaging

²  Bio-basedMaterials Applied in Automotive Products

²  Development and Application of PLA in Agricultural Film, Biomedical andOther Fields

²  Bio-based Materials Applied in Apparel and Textile

²  Developments of Bio-based Polyurethane in Coatings, Adhesives etc.

Some Speakers



Unit /  company

Michael Carus




Bangkok Innovation  Cooperation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wolfgang Baltus


Wobalt Expedition  Consultancy

Jin Zhu


Ningbo Institute of  Industrial Technology, CAS

Yuezhong Meng


Sun Yat-sen University

Long Yu


Sino-Singapore  International Joint Research Institute

Jun Zhang


Institute of Chemistry,  CAS

Marcel van Berkel

VP Sugar Delta

Stichting Biobased Delta

K. Jim Jem

Greater China General  Manager  

Total Corbion PLA Ltd.




China XD


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